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The centerpiece photo at the top of this page is a picture of downtown Birmingham taken in 1916–a few years after Jemison Magazine ran an article titled “Birmingham to Have the Heaviest Corner in the South.” The magazine’s claim quickly inflated to the corner of 20th Street and 1st Ave N being The Heaviest Corner on Earth. While this statement is completely false, it nonetheless revamped tourism and filled Birminghamians with a sense of pride in their newly famous city.

A little over one hundred years has passed since that photo was taken, and that sense of pride is still ever-present and quickly growing. Birmingham is on the rise, and we at Bham Web Design want to make sure your business grows right along with the city. It’s important in our modern digital world to maintain a strong online presence, and we can make sure your website represents the best of your business, while also sticking to your roots and keeping ties with the community. Please enjoy our site, read through our knowledge base, and when you are ready, contact us or get a free online quote.

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Mobile Page Speed and How it Affects your Users – Building Mobile-Friendly Websites.

This is number four of our series on mobile webpage design. We have covered why it is important to focus on mobile design, the best way to design sites for mobile devices, and how to optimize your user interfaces for use on mobile. Now, let’s talk about how to deliver...

Google Optimize is Now Free for Everyone

Just about a year ago, google launched its Optimize and Optimize 360 platforms. These are tools for A/B and advanced multi-variant testing. Optimize 360 is targeted at large businesses and corporations, while the standard version (without the 360 tag) is for small and...

Designing User Interfaces (UI) – Building Mobile-Friendly Websites

Last week, we introduced some terms related to mobile UI design and layout. Now let’s talk about how to put them to use. When designing web pages, or any other interfaces for mobile devices, there are two main things to consider. The first is that phones and other...

User Interface (UI) – Building Mobile-Friendly Websites

Now that you know why a website should be mobile friendly and how responsive design works, we can start to examine how to lay out elements in a way that works for mobile devices. Before we can get to the meat of UI layout and design, let’s introduce some concepts and...

Responsive Design – Building Mobile-friendly Websites

Part One of our series on mobile-friendly web design will be covering the concept of responsive design. So what is responsive web design? A site designed with responsive web design adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids,...

Building Mobile-Friendly Websites

We will be running a series on web design for mobile devices. Today we will introduce the series and take a moment to look at some initial data and examine why it is important to have a webpage that is mobile-friendly or "responsive." Web traffic is getting "Smart."...

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