Just about a year ago, google launched its Optimize and Optimize 360 platforms. These are tools for A/B and advanced multi-variant testing. Optimize 360 is targeted at large businesses and corporations, while the standard version (without the 360 tag) is for small and medium businesses. The Optimize program ties in with Adwords and Analytics for advanced testing and optimizations allowing you to get the most out of your website or web app.

Now, as of March 30, Google has made this tool free for everyone. That’s right. Google Optimize is now free for everyone to use. The enterprise version (Optimize 360) is still a paid product, but the standard version has many of the same features and would be a perfect fit for most small or medium businesses. You can compare features between the two here.

We are super excited about this news. An A/B and multivariate testing platform was the one major feature missing from the Google Analytics, Adsense, and Adwords family. This tool should certainly make it easier to convert more customers, make more money with Adsense, get more for your money with Adwords, or just generally improve the user experience on your site. So go ahead over and sign up. Here’s the link to get started: https://www.google.com/analytics/optimize/

And as alway, if you’d like to have this feature setup on your site, or if you want us to manage your optimize account for you just contact us for more info, of click the button below to get a free quote.