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Content Creation

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Let’s cut to the chase here. Writing and graphic design are not skills that everyone possesses.
That being said, the way your website looks and reads can ultimately make or break your web traffic. Images should be clear and scaled properly and should fit with the theme of your business’s site — all while ensuring the size of the images don’t overwhelm the server. The copy should be as typo-free as possible, if not grammatically perfect. It’s a lot to ask from busy business owners like yourselves, especially if you don’t have any training in these areas of expertise. We know you want your website to shine, so let us help you design a site that will impress every customer and lead to more conversions.

We can provide stock images and videos that fit your site’s theme, along with custom graphic design that pleases the eye and makes people want to explore your site. Bham Web Design also offers a copywriting service performed by a professional writer and editor to make sure your copy is error-free. We can write it for you, or just edit what you already have. We’ll help your business’s site look expertly engineered.

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All of our content is taken from the public domain, or licensing is purchased. And there is no need to worry as we assume all liability for content we provide.

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No problem. We are happy to work with or edit existing copy. We are also able to work with outside telent, or directly with your company if you prefer.