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Domain Registration

Get the Right Domain Name

If there’s anything that can decrease the value of a website, it has to be a bad domain name. There’s a lot that should go into creating a name for your business’s site. It should be unique, fun, and memorable; however, it is vital to pay attention to what the domain name looks like as one word. For example, Speed of Art should not register their domain name as That’s just bad business. Conversely, registering for a clever, easy-to-remember domain name is one sure way to bring in more business. Fast forward: You finally found the perfect domain name, but you are worried that your clients will misspell a word or add an unintended dash. No worries!

We offer creative extensions, like “.io,” “.co,” “.shop,” etc., automatic renewal so you don’t lose your perfect domain name, and we can buy multiple different or related domain names and send your clients to the same site. This allows the most traffic possible to your website while preventing a hinderance to your business from mindless slip-ups.

Search for a Domain

Not sure what name would be a good fit? No problem! Use this search tool to find some options. If you’re still having trouble Contact us and we can help you out.

Get Creative

Let’s face it. A lot of the best domain names are already taken. But don’t let that stop you from getting a domain name that will stand out above the crowd. We specialize in finding unique domain extensions other than the standard old “.com” Be memorable. Use an exciting domain extension.