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Email Hosting

Email Hosting at Your Domain

When email was first invented in 1972, no one knew how integrated it would be into everyday life. Even people who grew up without any form of technology use email nowadays for both personal and professional use. With the right domain name, email can create opportunities for professional correspondence without always having to speak to someone on the phone. Professional domain names also tend to make clients more willing to work with you because they see that you have an authentic, trustworthy company. Businesses can even use email as a way to bring in more clients with email blasts and special offers.

Email is user-friendly for most people, but Bham Web Design can make the most of these services for your business. We host emails on Google servers: the proof is in the pudding. Google is known for its reliability and speed. Likewise, using Google servers will make your unique email simple to use, even though your new email address will be created specifically for your business. You can use something as simple as, and we can make sure the email is integrated with all Google services like Calendar and Docs.

Powered by Google

The Power of Google

Our email is hosted on Google’s servers. That means you get an easy to use interface, that can be accessed from anywhere on the planet.


Collaboration Tools

Our email services integrate with cloud storage, documents, and calendars. This makes it easy for your team to work together and stay up to date without stepping on each other’s toes.