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A Website is Only as Good as its Host

You may have an awesome website, but if you don’t have a good host your site can’t reach its full potential. A host is just the name for the web server computer that your site lives on. So, when a user browses to your site they are actually seeing a group of files that are “hosted” on a web server. Like the foundation of a house, a host is what your site is built on. It’s where all of your images and data is stored and it determines the speed and performance of your site. A website, just like a house, requires a strong and stable foundation to perform correctly.

At Bham Web Design we provide quality hosting at a reasonable price. Our hosting servers are powerful, meaning your site will load quickly and won’t bog down under high load. All servers are in North America and have a 99.98% uptime. We want to keep your site safe, secure, and protected against loss. That’s why our hosting plans include virus protection, server updates, and daily backups. All at no additional charge.


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Bring Your Own Host

Already have a host? No problem! We can work with you to get any of our services up and running on the host of your choice. Contact us for more info.