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Our Goal is to Make Pricing Simple

Once we meet with you and find out what you want from your site, we will send you a quote. The price listed on the quote is the price you pay, period. We don’t have any hidden fees. We are not interested in tricking you, and we won’t feed you any BS. Depending on what services you want, there may be recurring charges. These will be stated clearly in your quote, and the price will not increase. Ever. We won’t “nickle and dime” you either. We deliver fully functional sites complete with analytics, search engine optimization, virus protection, daily backups, server maintenance, and security updates. All at no additional charge. If you are interested, see the info below or contact us to get started.


We charge a flat rate fee of $300 for hosting. This covers all of your hosting costs for the entire year and is billed annually. Includes server maintenance, site backups, and virus protection.

Domain Registration

Domain prices are set by the registrar: ICANN We evaluate domain registration fees on a case-by-case basis. Most domains, however, can be registered for $35 to $50 a year.

Email Services

Email services, provided through Google are billed at $7 per user per month. This also includes access to all other G Suite services.

Logo Design

The price for logo design depends on the complexity and scope of work. Prices start at $250.

Stock Images

Stock photos are priced at $15 per photo. If you know you will be needing a large number of stock images, volume discounts can be negotiated.

Ad Campaigns

We run PPC ad campaigns for maxium effectivness, starting at $150 a month.

Edits and Maintenance

Once your site is up and running we can continue to make edits for you, or update your site with new content. We bill hourly for this at a rate of $45 an hour. If you wish to handle this yourself we will provide you with credentials to access your website. You will be able to make any changes you want and will not be billed. Note that server maintenance, site backups, and virus protection is included in your annual hosting fee.